Oral Design Australia

Mr. Wallis Franklin - Australia

Email: wallis@ceramist.com.au

Lab Address:

Phone: 61-2-9299-2487


  • Born in New Zealand and commenced training in Dental Technology 1964, graduating 1969
    and moved to Australia 1970
  • Established " Wallis Franklin Ceramist" 1973
  • Clients include several prominent Prosthodontists
  • Past technical advisor to the graduate prosthodontics degree University of Sydney
  • Lectured in Australia and New Zealand
  • Inventor of innovative direct live colour technique and author of article of : " Birth of a Central"
    using the live build up technique with a clear porcelain mixed with a liquid adding the desired
    colours visually seen direct in the patients mouth before intering to produce a predictable
    accurate outcome.
  • Published in " Dental technologies " magazine in France and UK 2000.
  • Invited member of the prestigious Oral Design group run by the world renowned Master
    Ceramist Mr. WilliGeller